Cloud architecture development & API design

shutterstock_169690361 [Konvertiert]The future of IT is all about powerful cloud-based service-oriented architectures. Cloud Architectures address key difficulties surrounding large-scale data processing which is about to affect more and more industries, today. While in traditional large-scale data processing it is difficult to get as many machines as an application needs, cloud computing enables seamless access to powerful cloud resources on demand. Cloud computing will therefore help to overcome traditional problems in the context of dealing with big data, such as

  • how to provide enough machines on demand
  • how the distribution and coordination of large-scale jobs on different machines can be managed
  • how another machine can be provided in exchange, if one machine fails
  • how autoscaling based on dynamic workloads can be achieved and
  • how machines can be automatically relinquished when a job is done.

We provide all necessary components to implement a fully equipped and open cloud-based SOA that fit’s your business needs, but can also be extended easily. Intelligent API-design (uses APIS that are easy to use and extend, even without documentation, hard to misuse, easy to read and maintain the used code) provides easy access and various possibilities to expand the platform by integrating other components and softwares.

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