Nicola Fantini is the CEO of ScaleTools.

He has a Masters in Computer Science and Business Administration and had been a R&D project manager at 3M company. He became entrepreneur and has setup several companies. He founded Wizcom/Sciant, a software development company in Sofia, Bulgaria, which had grown to 150 engineers before it got sold to VMware now employing more than 300 engineers in Sofia. He is also a co-founder of Aviaso, now the world leader in fuel efficiency software for airlines and customers such as Lufthansa, Aer Lingus, LOT or Thomas Cook. Aviaso has its base in Sofia, Bulgaria with more than 30 employees there. Nicola owns the Swiss software development company ScaleTools, which has subsidiaries in Poland, Bulgaria, Ukraine and Switzerland and  is co-owner and manager of the Swiss CloudBroker GmbH whose baseline technology has been continuously improved by ScaleTools throughout the cloudSME project (FP7/R&D), in which both companies participated in.

Commitment and memberships

SICTIC: Furthermore, Nicola is involved in is the  Swiss ICT Investor Club, a Swiss association, which was founded by information and communication technology (ICT) savvy entrepreneurs and business angels in order to  a strong personal network to established companies and to the startup scene in Switzerland. Another project Nicola has been involved in for more than ten years, being a jury member an coach, is the Venture Initiative of the ETH Zurich, Knecht Holding and the innovation promotion agency CTI and McKinsey & Company, Switzerland.  is a leading Swiss-wide start-up competition supporting young entrepreneurs in founding a company by coachings, the establishment of business contacts and by drawing medial attention to the winners. Further he is co-founder and part of the management of the Alumni Network for Business Informatics at the University of Zurich today, where he also graduated in the field of Business Administration and Computer Science.  This involvement is very fruitful and led to many business cooperations.

Swiss Informatics Society (SI): Being part of the Swiss Informatics Society, which fosters ICT technology in Switzerland, he also provides mentoring and participates actively in professional co-working groups.

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International Teams

Team Ukraine

The Team Ukraine is located Kharkiv, the biggest city in its region in the north-east of the country.

ScaleTools UA, H
24 Gimnazychna naberezhna
Kharkiv, 61000
+380 57 752 52 12

Team Poland

The Team Poland is the youngest ScaleTools Team founded in October, 2014 in Krakow

ScaleTools Poland sp. z o.o.,
31-036, Halicka 9
Kraków, Poland